One Quickie

Fixing "file is set-id or unreadable" with space-enabled file names (DTrace->General)
You might want to run dtrace against an program, which might has a space in the name:
dtrace -n 'objc$target:NSUndoManager*:+alloc:entry' -c `pwd`/eClicker Presenter
And then you get the smackdown:
dtrace: failed to execute /Users/markd/Library/Developer/.../eClicker: file is set-id or unreadable
[Note: the '-c' option requires a full pathname to the file]
But it's right there! The path must be getting passed around, and needs some extra backslashes:
dtrace -v -n 'objc$target:NSUndoManager*:-init*:entry' -c ./eClicker\\\ Presenter
(In case the quickies stripped off the backslashes, it's three backslashes, then a space, then Presenter)

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