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What are the iDevice Icons? (Graphics->General)
Apple's Technical Q&A 1686 has the lowdown on the icons you need. As of July 2011, this is the set:
Sizes are square.  Assuming a universal app

512  iTunesArtwork       iTunes.  No .png extension
57   Icon.png            AppStore, iPhone/Touch home screen.  Required
114  Icon@2x.png         iPhone4
72   Icon-72.png         App Store, iPad.  Required.
29   Icon-Small.png      Settings on iPad and iPhone, Spotlight iPhone
50   Icon-Small-50.png   Spotlight iPad
58   Icon-Small@2x.png   Settings and Spotlight iPhone4
Then in your info.plist, make an "Icon files" entry (an array), and list all the Icon*.png files.

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