One Quickie

Adding an index to a tableview (UITableView->General)
Some tableviews have the short-cut list thingie on the side, which apple calls the index. The index is section-based - each entry in the index corresponds to a section in your data. So if you have a pretty flat list (just an NSArray, for instance), you'll either need to map section-> index, or split up your data so it's physically organized in section/row.

And then override these. In this case, I split up an array into an array of arrays, each sub-array being the contents of a section that corresponds to a string to display in the index. _tableIndex is an array of strings for display of the index.

- (NSArray *) sectionIndexTitlesForTableView: (UITableView *) tableView {
    return _tableIndex;
} // sectionIndexTitles

- (NSInteger) tableView: (UITableView *) tableView
sectionForSectionIndexTitle: (NSString *) title
                atIndex: (NSInteger) index {
    return index;
} // sectionForSectionIndexTitle

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