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Hiding TOC bar in xcode permanently (Xcode->General)
Thanks to Jens Bauer who sent this my way. "When I option-double-click an object in my source-code, I got a surprise with newer Xcodes. There's a huge TOC bar in the left side, forcing me to have a large window, that overlaps my source-code, so I can't look at the documentation and type at the same time. Furthermore it makes the sentences very 'tall', which I can't get used to. So I dropped my coding, went for a hunt. I wanted to go and get rid of that annoying demon. I found it and cast it out (By hand!)"

Here's how Jens cast out that demon. It's two different edits:

To make the TOC section (left side bar) of the developer documentation default to be hidden, do as follows:

Before you begin, make the two files and their parent-folders writable.

In the file....


...change the line...

#bodyText { margin-left: 210px; } read...

#bodyText { /* margin-left: 210px; */ margin-left:10px; /* TOC-FIX */ }

...And in the file...


...add the following somewhere in initialize_page() function, for instance at the bottom, right before the closing brace...

showHideTOC('hide'); // TOC-FIX you have a much better view!!

Note that you'll need to apply this patch when the docs get upgraded.

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