One Quickie

Running a pre-canned applescript (AppleScript->General)
Here's a way to run a 'fire and forget' Applescript that lives in your application bundle.
#define runScriptName @"checknewnow"
#define runScriptType @"scpt"

- (IBAction)runScript:(id)sender
    /* Locate that darn thing*/
    NSString *scriptPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
                               pathForResource: runScriptName
                               ofType: runScriptType];
    NSURL *scriptURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath: scriptPath];

    NSAppleScript *as = [[NSAppleScript alloc]
                            initWithContentsOfURL: scriptURL
                            error: nil];
    [as executeAndReturnError: NULL];
    [as release];
(Thanks to of Chris "The_Tick" Forsythe)

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