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Mysterious duplicated symbols (Xcode->General)
This killed a big chunk of time, so I figured I better record it here. While building a C++ shared library, I was getting errors like:

ld: multiple definitions of symbol __ZN13CaptureWidgetD2Ev
/Users/blah/blah/build/./ definition of __ZN13CaptureWidgetD2Ev in section (__TEXT,__text)
/Users/blah/blah/build/./ definition of __ZN13CaptureWidgetD2Ev in section (__TEXT,__text)

This is especially annoying, because the same object file is listed as having a duplicated symbol. If you take out the file from being compiled, you get undefined symbols for that particular source file, and if you put it back in, you get duplicated symbols.

Turn out the problem is that Xcode (somehow) added the C++ file to the "Build Sources" phase of the target. It happily generated two identical object files, and proceded to link them (hence the error), but doesn't get the reporting information correct (hence saying that both symbols come from the same file)

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