One Quickie

Posing as a class (Hacks->General)
Say you wanted to take a peek at how NSSpellChecker does its thing. You can make a subclass, override methods, log interesting stuff, and then send super. Use poseAsClass: to hook yourself into the matrix during the +load method:
@interface BorkSpellChecker : NSSpellChecker
@end // BorkSpellChecker

@implementation BorkSpellChecker

+ (void) load
    NSLog (@"posing");
    [self poseAsClass: [NSSpellChecker class]];

} // load

- (void) ignoreWord: (NSString *) word  inSpellDocumentWithTag: (int) tag
    NSLog (@"ignore word: %@  intag: %d",
           word, tag);
    [super ignoreWord: word
           inSpellDocumentWithTag: tag];

} // ignoreWord

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