One Quickie

A Quieter NSLog (General->Hacks)
// NSLog() writes out entirely too much stuff.  Most of the time I'm
// not interested in the program name, process ID, and current time
// down to the subsecond level.
// This takes an NSString with printf-style format, and outputs it.
// regular old printf can't be used instead because it doesn't
// support the '%@' format option.

void QuietLog (NSString *format, ...) {
  va_list argList;
  va_start (argList, format);
  NSString *message = [[[NSString alloc] initWithFormat: format
                                              arguments: argList] autorelease];
  fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", [message UTF8String]);
  va_end  (argList);
} // QuietLog

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