One Quickie

Adding new project to repository (multiple projects : 1 repository) (Subversion->General)
To have multiple projects in one repository, you have to create directories in the repository first to hold the project, then import the code. Here is importing two projects, MilleBorks and DungeonBorkventure

First, make the directories in the repository:

% svn mkdir -m "initial revision" file:///usr/local/svnroot/DungeonBorkventure
% svn mkdir -m "initial revision" file:///usr/local/svnroot/MilleBorks
Then import the different code bases:
% cd /path/to/DungeonBorkventure
% svn import -m "initial revision" . file:///usr/local/svnroot/DungeonBorkventure
% cd /path/to/MilleBorks
% svn import -m "initial revision" . file:///usr/local/svnroot/MilleBorks
Then checkout working copies of the projects:
% cd /work/and/play/area
% svn checkout file:///usr/local/svnroot/MilleBorks/trunk MilleBorks
% svn checkout file:///usr/local/svnroot/DungeonBorkventure/trunk DungeonBorkventure

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