BorkWare Drip Screensaver

(last updated January 28, 2005)


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What It Is

The suggestion from DoodleBug read:
Remember that really fun dorky little Apple ][ program called "Drip"? It put a bunch of blocks on the screen and dripped little drops of water down the screen. Really cool low-res chunky graphics.
uh... yeah.
no really! I could spend hours and hours just looking at it. Borkware needs a Fine ScreenSaver to round out the collection of goodies! Do it! Now!!! Please?
So, this is a screen saver version of the famous (uh) Apple ][ retro program called "Drip".



Download ScreenSaver (v1.1), 47K (disk image format)

Download ScreenSaver (v1.0), 55K (compressed disk image format)

To install: this is a disk image. Your browser should expand it automatically and mount it. Then drag the Borkware Drip file into Library/Screen Savers of your home directory.

Download Pröject (with source) (v1.1), 15K (tar.gz format)

Download Pröject (with source) (v1.0), 10K (tar.gz format)

Known Problems

in 1.0
  • None so far.
in 1.1
  • None so far.


The screen saver preferences, showing a preview

The configuration window.

Items of interest about the code

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