What It Is

The suggestion from rzolf read:
i want something that every hour at :50 it flashes an alarm that says "go for a walk around the block you spaz"
So, this is a tiny utility that lurks until a given time past the hour happens, and then pops up a window.



Download Application (v0.3), 49K (compressed disk image format)
Download Application (v0.2), 10K (tar.gz format)
Download Application (v0.1), 6K (tar.gz format)

Download Pröject (with source) (v0.3), 34K(tar.gz format)
Download Pröject (with source) (v0.2), 10K(tar.gz format)
Download Pröject (with source) (v0.1), 1200K (tar.gz format)
(I'm too lazy to clean out the build directory)

Known Problems

In 0.2
  • dock bouncing not really tested. dunno if it works
  • if you're too fast on the draw in closing the bug window, it might pop back up in a couple of seconds.


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