(last updated August 3, 2003)

What It Is

BorkStitch is a tool for building stitch diagrams, frequently found in embroidery instruction books, charts, and magazines.

BorkStitch is freeware. This program is actually a prototype for a more flexible program we are developing, but it's useful as it is, so pelase Use and enjoy. The source code is available too. Any questions or comments? Send them to

The original suggestion from Sharzipan read:

For the cross-stitch charts I'm building, I need to provide some diagrams on how to make some specialized stitches. Using things like Canvas or AppleWorks is a real pain, getting the fabric grid and ovals to line up right.
Here are some samples of what BorkStitch can make:


  • 1.0 : it works! (August 3, 2003)


Download BorkStitch (v1.0), 654K (compressed disk image format)

Download Pröject (with source) (v1.0), 241K (tar.gz format)

Known Problems

in 1.0
  • None so far.


The BorkStitch window, with some stitches already laid down

Drawer with the tweakable controls

Items of interest about the code

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