What It Is

The suggestion from Bork read:
I've got a lot of clip art now. I need a way to wade through it to find the cool and weird pictures. The printed book that came with the package doesn't do the art justice.
So, this is a little utility that will snarf all of the image files in a folder (and any subfolders), display their titles in a list, and let you look at the images and decide whether to keep them or throw them away.

For fun, point it at some of the system or developer directories, or at a random application directory, and see what's lurking in there. Or use it to explore a friend's machine and see what kind of porn freely available graphics they collect.



Download Application (v1.0), 113K (compressed disk image format)
Download Application (v0.5), 63K (compressed disk image format)

Download Pröject (with source) (v1.0), 38K (tar.gz format)
Download Pröject (with source) (v0.5), 48K (tar.gz format)

Known Problems

in 1.0
  • If you close the main window, you won't be able to get it back without restarting. Choosing to load a directory of images at this time will require you to force-quite the problem. (click on the icon in the dock until a menu shows up)
  • Transparency in GIF files isn't being used
  • Moving files to the trash sometimes fails. Folks on cocoa-dev have seen similar problems, so it may be a NSWorkspace issue
  • Some images won't display at all
  • The Busy cursor doesn't appear while you're loading huge directories.


Items of interest about the code

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