The People of Borkware

Mark Dalrymple, a.k.a. "MarkD", has been a Mac programmer since 1985 (Mac 512 with TML Pascal), and a professional unix programmer since 1990. Check out his resume, or if you want some more details, his full resume.

On the Mac side of things, Mark has contributed to the AOL 3.0 client and was chief architect of an internal publishing tool that interfaced with both the Mac AOL client and the AOL proprietary publishing infrastructure, all using C++. On the unix side, he has contributed code and developer documentation to the Galaxy cross-platform toolkit (supporting more than 20 different unix platforms, as well as Windows, the Mac, and OpenVMS) using C and C++.

While at AOL, Mark was also technical lead for the AOLserver team. AOLserver is a web application server implemented in C and Tcl which collectively across all AOL web properties was handling tens of thousands of hits per second on many different unix platforms (Linux, HP, SGI, Digital Alpha, Solaris)

Currently Mark is an independent Macintosh developer and consultant, specializing in Mac OS X and Unix Programming, especially application development using the Cocoa toolkit, as well as author for the BOLTS technical columns at MacEdition. He's available for hire.

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Rzolf is a jack-of-all-trades programmer, and master of most. His career, spanning three continents, has included development and maintenance of high-traffic website and e-commerce systems, as well as XML-based medical systems management. He's as equally home in the unix and .NET worlds, as well as in the research and production worlds.

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