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The Seattle Xcoders showed some home movies of me giving a talk to my Local Linux User's Group, made a couple of years ago, about debugging with gdb. I figured I'd list them here for anyone that is totally bored out of their skull. These are served out of my .mac account, so no idea how long it'll be til they get throttled. The demo near the end of part one is pretty boring, so you might want to skip it.

Debugging with Gdb (~120 megs, 54 minutes), and
Debugging Techniques (~80 megs, 35 minutes), along with a pdf of the slides

Portions of this material comes from my Core Mac Bootcamp at the Big Nerd Ranch. The materials are copyrighted by the Big Nerd Ranch, used with their gracious permission.

The video project grew out of a desire for my friend redtoade (from the WPLUG IRC channel) to see the presentation, but he had to miss the meeting due to the birth of his twins (some excuse!). Redtoade loaned WPLUG his video camera for taping the session. Thanks to Henry Umansky for running the camera (he's also the one I make fun of, and was the ultimate inspiration for doing this particular talk). I'm not sure who was typing next to the camera during the filming. Videography by Nathan Fullerton - he did all of the post-production, cleanup, and creation of the media files. Thanks to Wayne Hasley for managing the video production process.

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Learn Objective-C on the Macintosh

Any idea when this will finally be released? It was first announced in January and I'm eagerly awaiting it's release. Thanks Mike

by Michael Gregoire on 04/07/06

Pushed back again??

Now the book release is May!? I'm rethinking purchasing it at this point. I'll find another way to learn what I need to. It should have never been announced in January.

by Michael Gregoire on 04/13/06

Sorry about that

Sorry about that. It's out of my hands and in Spiderwork's. In the mean time, check out Stephen Kochan's Programming in Objective-C. It's a very good book

by Mark Dalrymple on 04/18/06

It's out now

Woo! It's available now.

by Mark Dalrymple on 06/29/06

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