Learn Objective-C On The Macintosh

Learn Objective-C On The Macintosh

It's finally been announced, and will be available in the next couple of weeks: Learn Objective-C on The Macintosh, by yours truly and Scott Knaster, published by SpiderWorks.. It picks up right where Learn C on the Macintosh (by Dave Mark), also by SpiderWorks, leaves off.

it's geared for the beginning programmer, leading them step-by-step through the basics of Objective-C, how it differs from C, introducing object oriented programming, covering many language features (like categories and protocols), and touching on Cocoa (memory management, accessor methods, writing init methods, and more).

It's a true privilege and honor to have been able to work with Scott Knaster on this book. His books in the 80's are what got me on my career path as a MacHead.

03:31 PM, 02 Jan 2006 by Mark Dalrymple Permalink


This is great news. I'm an aggressive pruner of my bookshelves and Dave Mark's 'Macintosh C Programming Primer' is the only programming book that I keep despite having no value today. It just brings back such good memories. And Knaster's 'Macintosh Programming Secrets' had my favorite cover for a programming book.

by Vinod Kurup on 01/09/06

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